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Replacement Blades

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All good things come to an end and when the blades on your razor eventually feel dull and not as sharp as they were then it's time to replace them.

Our Retro 4 and KOS-5 cartridges come in a range of Multi-buy packs, so the more you buy the more you save!

We have very limited Azor and HyperGlide blades left that can only be purchased in the format available. Once these are gone, we can't get any more!


The ATX & MOTO use the latest in blade technology and come standard with a HB4 Blade cartridge installed. You can use either the HB4 or the HB6 with these razors.

The Sport come with our HB3 Blade cartridge installed ready to use. Gillette Atra (double blade only) blades will also fit on the yellow adaptor that comes on the Sport. Gillette Sensor blades can be used with the black Sensor adaptor that comes in the bottom of the HeadBlade Sport package.


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