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We (Paul and Dave) formed Creative Partners in 1996 after trying and getting an amazing shave from the Original King of shaves Shaving Oil.

After many a late night discussion on how to go about starting a business we approached Will King, the founder of King of shaves in the UK about getting the rights to his brand for New Zealand. Our plan was centred around shaving guys in Shopping centre with a beautiful group of girls called the ShaveSqaud. He loved it and loved the passion and gave us a chance.

King of Shaves loved what we were doing so they gave us Australia in 2000 and we went about educating the Aussies on how to get "The worlds best Shave".

Now in 2012 King of Shaves is a global brand ranged in most Countries in the world and is number 3 in shaving in NZ and Australia. We still are always looking forward to trialing the new great new products they develop and then getting them on our site.

We have learnt a lot and over time and have found a number of other great brands that are on our site  or have there own sites such as FISH, HEADBLADE and CLEVERWHITE and SCI-MX Nutrition. 

We will continue to add new brands and products and bring you the best of what the world has to offer in Mens Grooming.

You can contact Dave if you wish to discuss anything on 021 707 678 or email dave@shave.co.nz. (Sorry I drew the shot straw and am in Australia but you can email on paul@shave.co,nz

ENJOY - Paul and Dave

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