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Razors and Blades

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A great shave starts with a clean, sharp razor blade and some great shave prep. 

King of Shaves has an Azor-4 Blade System Razor as well as our new HyperGlide 5 blade System Razor

The  Azor-4 System Razor combines shaving comfort with amazing performance. The unique flexible hinge allows the four Endurium coated long-lasting blades to shave at optimum pressure against the skin for a smoother more comfortable shave.

It also comes in a womens version

The HyperGlide 5 Blade System Razor  uses a unique Hyperglide cartridge that creates its own lubricating hydrogel when it is immersed in water, delivering amazing razor blade glide, comfort and closeness.

If you Shave your head then Headblade is the razor for you. Available in both HeadBlade Sport Razor and Headblade ATX Razor all Terrain razor that can also be used on your face and body 




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